Boston’s got it going on with Urban Landscaping!

Courtesy of the Intercontinential

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 is upon us. I can’t believe it, but here we are. The air is getting a little more humid, people are getting excited about summer, and Boston is looking it’s best!

I would think that a Northeast City such a Boston wouldn’t be particularly lush when the warm weather finally decides to roll around, but that just is not the case. Thanks to much work by Mayor Menino, Grow Boston Greener, The Boston Parks Department, Boston Blooms and many volunteers, our city looks wonderful every summer. I’m particularly impressed with the tropical palms, and other plants the city has planted in the many sidewalk pots around the city. It adds such a nice contrast to the rather traditional New England architecture that surrounds us. As a avid landscape designer, I love to see our city taking such a great interest in this arena.

This morning I was walking through Downtown Crossing and the planters are all done up, the hanging basket planters on the light posts are being installed as we are ready for the warmer months ahead. Some other landmarks in the city that are worth seeing this season are the Intercontinental Hotel, The Boston Public Garden, the Statehouse, and Copley Square. Even in our little enclave of Roslindale they do a wonderful job with the traffic island at South Street and Washington Street. We have a great volunteer group here called Greening Rozzie that works on the public gardens in our area, and numerous other projects throughout Roslindale.

So get out there and enjoy our beautiful city!