Can’t paint? Use liquid starch and fabric to upholster your walls like Nate Berkus.

This idea I saw on the Nate Berkus show is so neat I had to share it! Using fabric on your walls is not a new idea, but Nate’s way installing it is so easy that anyone can do it. You’ll get the look of wallpaper without any of the hassle or permanence!

He basically uses liquid starch as the glue for the fabric. You paint the starch on the wall, put your fabric up, and you’re done! It also just peels off when you want to change it. It won’t damage the paint or the walls. As they pointed out on the show, it is perfect for people living in apartments that want a little more personality in their space than the Builder Beige world they call home. You can quickly add a ton of personality to your walls, and as long and you take it down at the end of your lease, there is not much the landlord can get upset about.

Take a look at the video from the show!

Update 9/12/2012: The studio no longer provides the video of this segment. 

Nate Berkus: Wall Design Without Paint